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Megan E Lopez-Cepero

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Sometimes the TRUTH hurts


Can you handle the truth? Sometimes it hurts both the recipient and the one delivering the message. BUT, in the world of real estate--the TRUTH can save you a lot of money, time, and aggravation.

When an agent comes to your house and begins to point out an "issue", take it in the intent it is meant--to help. If we see an issue right out of the gate (repairs, CO, declutter, etc.), it is only because it can benefit your bottom line and save you aggravation at the time of a home inspection, appraisal, and basic overall negotiations.

Sure, those little "quirks" may not be something major to you. BUT, the new buyer (who has watched too much HGTV) is looking at things completely differently. They want updated, clean, and NO issues. Call it a generational thing, Internet, or just plain lazy. It is what it is.

Clogged gutters? Clean them. Banged up walls? Fix and paint them. Clear the counters. Organize EVERYTHING--do no stuff the boxes in the basement. Powerwash! Trust me. These will all affect your bottom line. What will cost you $100 will be "estimated" by the buyer for at least twice as much.

Take away all the arguments before they start. Happy Seller=Happy Buyer=Smoother Transaction

The TRUTH hurts, but it won't hurt your wallet. 




JUST Opening Doors


JUST Opening Doors

How many times have I heard — “OH I would love your job; you JUST open doors all day”. Why yes that is PART of my job BUT there is so much more to opening doors in the world of real estate.

I open doors to your next haven. I open doors to your financial future. I open doors to your childs education or where your in-laws will rest.

I open doors to the end of relationship. No matter if its an estate or divorce. Not one of the highlights of my work.

I open doors to where you will bring your child home to, take their first steps and leave for college.

I open doors to your investments, daily commute and  holidays spent by a fireplace and so much more.

I open doors that you can’t even imagine. Yes I have been jumped by a squatter. Yes I have found a homeowner deceased. I have laid on floors with some of the sweetest animals and run defense on some homeowners who just wouldn’t stop chasing us around a home.

So YES, I do open doors. I open more doors than you can imagine. And I LOVE opening doors for all that walk in that door.

So before you talk about opening doors — how about you ask about what goes into opening doors. And be prepared for a whole other conversation.

FEELING the price of home

ME: "I don't understand why this house isn't selling, it's priced right!" My first broker: "You know when a house is priced right?" ME: "No."  Broker: "When a buyer makes an offer" --- DING DING DING -- then he said "Capeshe... now you own me another listing". Love him!
That wisdom has never left me. Yesterday I saw that a listing I had rejected, for numerous reasons including unrealistic expectations and he wanted me to shovel snow, liquidate his furniture left behind in the home, is on the market for the price the seller was "FEELING"... not what the market will bear.
I wish pricing was an exact science. But there are some very strong indicators that will help guide the seller and agent.
First, evaluate the property. Crimson red carpets are not a big selling point these days. You must look at the competition as to inventory -- NOT price. Because these homes are STILL on the market.  LOOK at the pending and SOLDS -- Pendings will tell you what price will TRIGGER an offer and contract. Going back to what my first broker told me.
REALTORS are not in the market to "give" your house away. Think about it, we only make money when you sell -- and if it sells at a higher price -- the larger our commission. The GOOD agents are here to guide you through a VERY complex transaction that is fraught with tricks and turns. A solid, experienced REALTOR will take you step-by-step and stand by you to get you across the finish line. A GREAT agent will be with you AFTER the sale and into the future because we all hope that this transaction turns into a friendship that extends beyond the settlement table and to the dining room table.


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